QR Code around Rio!

The traditional black and white stones used in the iconic Copacabana and Ipanema seafronts have been given a modern twist in order to help out tourists.  Using an idea developed in Portugal, QR codes made of the stones have started to be installed at the beaches, vistas, and historic sites where you can access the information in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

As a result of the increase in the number of people acquiring smartphones and tablets, the QR technology has become part of the main touristy points around Brazil and through them you are very likely to get access to the history and details about the attractions and in other cases you may even get a discount or a promotion.

Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro

Here you will be able to see where you can find these tourist points and how to access the QR Codes on your smartphone.

List of the sites where the QR code will be installed in Rio over 2013.

1. Arpoador
2. Leblon
3. Leme
4. São Conrado
5. Barra da Tijuca
6. Corcovado
7. Sambódromo
8. Pão de Açúcar
9. Ipanema
10. Pista Cláudio Coutinho (Urca)
11. Arcos da Lapa
12. Monumento aos Mortos / Aterro do Flamengo
13. Praça Paris
14. Mestre Valentim
15. Praça XV – D Pedro I
16. Drummond
18. Bellini
19. Zózimo
20. Gonzagão / Centro Luiz Gonzaga de Tradições Nordestinas
21. Curumim / Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas
22. Quinta da Boa Vista
23. Vista Chinesa
24. Chafariz em frente ao MAM
25. Chafariz das Três Mulheres
26. Parque Madureira
27. Relógio da Glória
28. Jardim Botânico
29. Praça Tiradentes
30. Obelisco da Rio Branco

How to access and use the QR Codes

1-) You will need to download the free application to your equipment:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appinventor.ai_progetto2003.SCAN&hl=en

itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/qr-code-reader-and-scanner/id388175979?mt=8

2-) Then you just need to point it to the image and it will identify the code.

3-) You will be directed to a website where all the information will be available.

By Simone Wells

Image from: http://blogs.estadao.com.br/viagem/pontos-turisticos-do-rio-ganham-qr-codes/

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Rio de Janeiro Carnival : Street Parties Schedule 2013

Celebrated annually in Brazil, the carnival is held forty days before the beginning of the Easter and it takes different formats all over the country.

Rio de Janeiro has the biggest party of all and during the carnival period the city is full of samba schools representing their local neighborhoods and marching along the streets of the city. There is also the major parade that takes place in the sambodromo where the main schools of samba compete.


At BrazilNuts you will be able to find the best carnival packages in Rio starting from $1099 per person as well as find the right place for you to be during these main 5 days of party!

For the street parties, this year there will be a total of 583 blocos de rua (street parties) and here you will be able to find the main schedule of the street parades!


Carnival 2013 Street Parties schedule *  

Download the application for your phone:



04/01/2012 –  Escravos da Mauá (Ensaio)   | Location : Largo São Francisco da Prainha, Gamboa at 17h00

06/01/2012 – Carnival Starts in Rio (Unofficial)  | Location : Rua do Mercado, starts at 08h00

Street Bands

  • Cordão do Boi Tolo
  • Sambamantes
  • Largo do Machado Mas Não Largo do Copo
  • Largo do Machadinho Mas Não Largo do Suquinho
  • Planta na Mente
  • Rola Preguiçosa
  • Frevo Prato Misterioso
  • Cutucano Atrás
  • Maracatu GEBAv
  • Butano na Bureta
  • Bafafá
  • Cordão do Prata Preta
  • Maracutaia
  • Sinfônica Ambulante
  • Cardosão de Laranjeiras
  • Fanfarani
  • Block’n’Roll

12/01/2013 – IV Circuito da Liga | Location : Largo de São Francisco da Prainha at 15h00

Street Bands

  • Escravos da Mauá
  • Afoxé Filhos de Gandhi
  • Fala Meu Louro, Pinto Sarado
  • Escorrega Mas Não Cai
  • Coração das Meninas
  • Oba
  • Eles que Digam
  • Independente do Morro do Pinto
  • Alegria Portuária
  • Banda da Conceição
  • Tamborim Sensação
  • Bloco dos Bancários
  • Pipoca no Mel

12/01/2013 – Carmelitas (Ensaio) | Location : Praça Tiradentes at 19h30min

19/01/2013 Carmelitas (Ensaio) | Location : Praça Tiradentes at 19h30min

25/01/2013 – Escravos da Mauá (Ensaio)| Location : Largo São Francisco da Prainha, Gamboa at 20h00

26/01/2013 Carmelitas (Ensaio) | Location : Praça Tiradentes at 19h30min

01/02/2013 Cordão da Bola Preta| location : Av. Rio Branco X Av. Presidente Vargas às 20h00min

02/02/2013 Carmelitas (Ensaio) | Location : Praça Tiradentes at 19h30min

03/02/2013 Fogo e Paixão |  Location: Largo de São Francisco at 11h00min

03/02/2013 Escravos da Mauá | Location : Largo de Santa Rita (Beco das Sardinhas) at 12h00min

08/02/2013 Carmelitas | Location : Rua Dias de Barros x Ladeira de Santa Teresa at 15h00min

09/02/2013 Céu na Terra | Location: Praça Odilo Costa Neto at 08h00min

09/02/2013 Cordão da Bola Preta | Location : Cinelândia at 09h30min

10/02/2013 Cordão do Boitatá | Location : Rua do Mercado x Rua do Ouvidor at 08h00min

10/02/2013 Toca Rauuul | Location : Praça Tiradentes at 15h00min

11/02/2013 Exalta Rei! | Location:  Av. Araújo Porto Alegre x Av. Graça Aranha at 19h00min

12/02/2013 Carmelitas | Location : Rua Almirante Alexandrino at 10h00min

17/02/2013 Monobloco | Location : Av. Rio Branco x Av. Presidente Vargas at 09h00min




12/01/2013 – Banda de Ipanema (Ensaio) | Location : Praça General Osório, Ipanema at15h00

19/01/2013 Barbas (Ensaio) | Location : Praça Mauro Duarte – Botafogo at 19h00min

26/01/2013 – Banda de Ipanema (Ensaio) | Location : Praça General Osório, Ipanema at 18h00

26/01/2013 – Spanta Nenem | Location : Parque do Cantagalo, Lagoa at 13h00

26/01/2013 – Imprensa que eu Gamo | Location :Praça Mauro Duarte, Botafogo at 19h00min

27/01/2013 Calma, Calma sua Piranha| Location : Rua Visconde de Caravelas x Rua Real Grandeza Botafogo at 12h00min

09/02/2013 Barbas | Location : Rua Arnaldo Quintela x Rua Assis Bueno Botafogo at 15h00min

09/02/2013 Empolga às 9 | Location : Avenida Atlântica x Rua Rainha Elizabeth Copacabana at 11h00min

10/02/2013 Bangalafumenga| Location : Av. Infante Dom Henrique (em frente ao Coreto Modernista) Flamengo at 10h00min

12/02/2013 Orquestra Voadora| Location : Av. Infante Dom Henrique (In front of Coreto Modernista) Flamengo

03/02/2013 Empolga às 9 | Location : Praia de Ipanema x Rua Joana Angélica Ipanema at16h00min

09/02/2013 Banda de Ipanema| Location : Rua Gomes Carneiro (in between the streets Prudente de Morais and Vieira Souto) Ipanema at 18h00min

10/02/2013 Simpatia é quase amor| Location : Rua Teixeira de Mello (just next to the Praça General Osório) Ipanema at16h00min

12/02/2013 Banda de Ipanema| Location : Rua Gomes Carneiro (entre Prudente de Morais e Vieira Souto) Ipanema at 18h00min

03/02/2013 Suvaco do Cristo| Location : Rua Jardim Botânico x Rua Faro Jardim Botânico at 09h00min






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Copacabana Rio de Janeiro – 120 years Anniversary

Simone Wells –  Brazilnuts Tours Team

Today, the 6th of July the world-famous Copacabana beach is celebrating its 120 year anniversary. Copacabana is one of the most sought after places to visit or stay while travelling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The celebration will include a concert that will be held on the beach right in front of Copacabana Palace Hotel, with live performances of Brazilian Bossa Nova, DJs, Carnival Samba schools and others!

To commemorate this anniversary Brazilnuts prepared a special presentation for you to see 10 of the most important buildings in the history of Copacabana that gave the character to this amazing place! So let’s see!

1.Copacabana Palace Hotel

Built in 1923 Copacana Palace Hotel, one of the oldest constructions in the area where the world famous stars stay!

2.Copacabana Fort

Copacabana Fort was built in 1914 and is the setting of the historical museum of the army!

3.The Tube Station Cardeal Arcoverde, with its ‘modern’ decoration!

4.The Tunnel connecting Copacabana & Botafogo, intensifying the traffic in between both areas!

5.Help!!! The most ‘sexy’ night club!

 6.The Roxy Cinema, one of the most traditional cinemas in the city

7.The Galleries!

8. And Parks !

9.The Building Guahy with its Art Deco style architecture !

10.And of course THE BEACH and world famous ‘calçadão de Copacabana’ !

From the brazilnuts team Simone Wells

Brazilnuts Tours – Travel Packages to Brazil 

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Travel to Lençóis Maranhanses National Park – Maranhão, Brazil

Visiting to the Lençois in the North of Brazil is not a typical thing to do even for Brazilians meaning this destination is still one of the most astonishingly beautiful and untouched areas of the country. Composed of sand dunes and surrounded by crystal clear water originating from heavy periods of rain during the rainy season I was lucky enough to visit last month (May 2012) as a Brazilnuts travel specialist.

Lencois Maranhenses Tour

Lencois Maranhenses Tour

The tour to the Lençóis begins in the city of São Luis, the biggest city in the region with a population of about 1 million habitants. The city is known as the Brazilian capital of reggae and it has French, Dutch and Portuguese influences from the period of European colonization of the country.

When you visit São Luis you should stay by the beach area or in the historical city center. By the beach the best hotels are the Pestana São Luis, located on Atlantica Avenue next to bars and restaurants; and the  Luzeiro with its really big rooms and great service. Whilst in the historical city center the best ‘pousada’ is the Portas da Amazonia, very charming, boutique like, good price and location. Here is the list of the best hotels in São Luis.

While in São Luis you should visit the historical city center: Casa do Maranhao (the Maranhao house museum), Museu Historico e Artistico do Maranhao (the Maranhao history and arts museum), Beco Catarina Mina (the 35 stairs from the 18th century).

The local food of Maranhão is fish with ‘cuxá-rice’ – an African origin recipe of rice and herbs – and some of the best restaurants are Cabana do Sol (local food), A Varanda (sea food), Cheiro Verde (sea food) and Maracangalha (local food).

brazil traditional food north of brazil

brazil traditional food north of brazil

When you go to visit the Lençóis Maranhenses Park you take a transfer of 3-4 hours to the town of Barreirinhas with a stop in a motorway restaurant for about 15 min, then on to your lodge or resort. Barreirinhas is a very small and poor town which is now developing due to the tourism to the Park , so when you visit there, make sure to choose the right resort (click here to see the list of resorts in the area) as this is basically where you will be around.

The best resorts in the area are the Buriti (located near Barreirinhas center), Porto de Preguiças (located by the Preguiça river) and Grand Solare Lencois . Once in the resorts you take tours to the ‘Big and Large Lencois’ and to the ‘Small Lençois’: where you go and enjoy the sand dunes, go swimming by the lagoons, play with monkeys, visit to the local village, and take the boat until where the beach mixes with the river, in the area you can also drive a dune buggy

Lencois Maranhenses Tour - Travel to Brazil Packages

in the sand (paid separately): get somebody to drive you around or drive yourself. After 2 – 3 days in the Lençóis you get back to São Luis – take a late transfer at around 02:00pm direct to your flight or hotel. Adventurers might stay in the Lençõis and join the ‘route of emotions’ going down South to the Delta river and then Jericoacora.


By Simone Wells – Travel Agent at Brazilnuts http://www.brazilnuts.com

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Starting last year, and continuing in 2012, Copacabana has seen a migration of prized chefs running away from the high rental prices of  Ipanema and Leblon; attracted by the largest concentration of hotels in Rio de Janeiro, several new restaurants have opened, and we have selected a few of the most notable ones:


For the past 12 years Dominique Guerin was responsible for the delicate and exquisite desserts and breads served at the renowned Le Pré-Catelan restaurant at the hotel Sofitel, but now, all of his wonderful creations will be available at his new Guerin Boulangerie. Homemade breads made with family recipes brought from France are available for that special picnic, or to eat right there as sandwiches or an afternoon tea. The assortment of patisserie includes macarons, tartes, éclairs, and many other French inspired irresistible delicacies.

A few blocks from there, another French chef opened a charming boutique of sweets called Paradis, which offers an incredible array of macaron flavors, ice-cream locally made and bonbons made with Valrhona chocolate.


In an area filled with bars (the famous “botecos”) known by locals as Baixo Copacabana, a new gastrobar, ZOT, has lured a more refined crowd, following the trend of slow food paired with wines, the only alcohol served at this restaurant. On Wednesdays, live jazz makes the place one of the busiest in the street, so arrive early.

At the opposite end of Copacabana, the luxurious Windsor Atlanticahotel recently inaugurated their new venue with high expectations: to become the best Italian restaurant in town. Luciano Boseggia came from Italyto work at the prestigious Fasano restaurant in São Paulo. Now, 20 years on, he has moved to Rioto become the chef of Alloro. The menu he created pays homage to his country going from antipasti to risottos, homemade pastas, and the freshest seafood chosen by him, one of the advantages of living in a coastal city, says Luciano.

Another Italian chef, from the already well stablished Osteria dell Angolo restaurant, is now sharing his attention with the new Bacaro do Lido, described by the chef as an Italian bistro. Located under a beautiful art deco building at the Lido Square, the focus of the house is seafood turned into antipasti, bruschettas, carpaccios, or mixed with fresh pasta made at the spot.

Of all these novelties, the Charleston Bubble Lounge is definitely the most different. Inspired by the cabarets of the 20’s, the waitresses wear pearls and feathers in their hair. On Thursdays the house has live jazz and blues sessions that are being praised by patrons. And as the name suggests, the stars here are sparkling wines: French Champagne, Spanish Cavas, Italian Prossecos, as well as fantastic Brazilian and Argentinean options, something hard to find in other countries, so we suggest you start with these.

Close to the Copacabana Fort, the Arpoador region has always been associated with surfers and their supply shops that populate the area. But ever since clothing brands identified with the Carioca style like Osklen and Reserva opened stores in this area, a young cool crowd has flocked to this section of Copa (as they call the neighborhood) after their day on the beach. One of the new spots is Beijo Carioca with its salads, sandwiches, quick snacks, crepes, pies, cakes and locally produced gelatos. The care and attention to details and ingredients is to the merit of the owner, Georgiana Mello, wife of the all mighty Executive Chef of the Sofitel and Le Pré-Catelan restaurant, Roland Villard, who convinced his wife that Copacabana is the place to be!

Alloro:Windsor Atlantica Hotel, Av. Atlantica – 1200. Daily from 12PM to 4PM and from 7PM to mid night.

Bacaro do Lido: Rua Ronald de Carvalho – 21. Tue to Sun from noon to mid night.

Beijo Carioca: Rua Francisco Otaviano – 20. Mon to Fri from 11AM to 8PM, Sat and Sun from 10AM to 8PM.

Charleston Bubble Lounge: Rua Rodolfo Dantas – 26B. Daily from 5PM to 1:30AM.

Guerin Boulangerie: Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana – 920. Daily from 8AM to 8PM.

Paradis: Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana – 776, Mon to Sat from 10AM to 7:30PM.

ZOT: Rua Bolívar – 21. Tue to Thu from 6PM to mid night, and Fri to Sun from 6PM to 1AM.


By Guest Contributor: Bruno, Rio local – 2012

Exchange travel links with Brazilnuts tours : https://brazilnutstours.wordpress.com/travel-links/ . Please send us an email to webmaster@brazilnuts.com or simone@brazilnuts.com .

Tours to China – Top China tour operator providing China tours and travel service. Specialized in Tailor-Made and Customized private tours to china for personal, family and group!

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Brazil Resorts: Last Minute Travel Package Deals

By Brazil Nuts Travel Specialist Ney Ottoni


Check out this list of low-season 2012 promos on top rated resorts located in the exuberant Brazilian coastal line. We have selected some of our best resort deals available at the moment to share with you:


Ritz Lagoa da Anta: Promo 7 x 6 – Stay 7 nights and pay 6! Valid for reservations up until June 24th 2012!

Maceio is definitely the most gorgeous beach resort capital of Brazil. The water has so many tones of green, turquoise and blue that it almost looks like Photoshop effects in the pictures.

This 5 Star resort is located a few miles away from downtown and directly across from the beautiful Da Anta Lake. All rooms are very spacious and comfy, specially the Bali Floor Suites with their impressive 90 square meters and private cellar. For dining the hotel has two onsite restaurants, the Cana-Café which serves international cuisine, and Le Sururu which serves Northeastern cuisine. Other dining options include the pool side bar, the Piano Lobby Bar, and the Ritz Bistro which serves French cuisine. For guests’ relaxation and enjoyment the hotel has a nine hole mini-golf course, a swimming pool, a fitness center, a sauna, tennis courts, and 24 hour room service.


Summerville Beach Resort: Promo 7 x 5 – Stay 7 nights and pay 5! Valid for reservations up until Jun 21st 2012!

Porto de Galinhas is one of the hits of Brazilian coastal line. Amongst the reasons for this are the natural crystalline warm-water pools, proximity with Recife international airport (directly connected to Miami with American Airlines) and the well developed infrastructure of resorts and Inns.

Summerville Beach Resort was designed to offer the maximum comfort and convenience. The attractive leisure area has three contiguous pools surrounded by a coconut grove, sport courts, mini golf, bow and arrow, kayaking, windsurf and nightclub. The accommodations are divided into standard rooms, suites, and bungalows. The suites and bungalows have the added comfort of a living-room with a small kitchen and microwave. Opened in 2010, Kur Boutique Spa has massage rooms with views to Muro Alto Beach.

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Bonito: the land of crystal-clear waters located South of Brazil’s Pantanal

Bonito is a famous destination in Brazil yet to be “discovered” by eco-lovers from North America and other parts of the world. This ecosystem concentrates some of the most crystalline rivers of Brazil, located 2 hours away from the nearest Southern Pantanal areas.

Some of the activities and eco-adventures available in this corner of the world are: snorkeling, trekking, hiking, horseback riding, bird watching, river rafting, rappelling and scuba diving in rivers, lagoons and caves.

Brazil Nuts Tours offers customized trips including Bonito and the Southern Pantanal.

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Spotting Jaguars in the Pantanal Wetlands of Brazil

Pantanal Tours

Over the past year the number of jaguars in the Northern Pantanal wetlands has grown to the point that we can say that it is almost guaranteed to find this species on the path during the dry months (July-October). We say “almost” because when it comes to living things nothing can be fully guaranteed, but the chances are great.

The best place to observe the jaguar is the area between the three rivers Cuiabá, Três Irmãos and Piquiri, where the protected National Park was created. The nearest access to this area is out of Porto Jofre, at the end of the Transpanteira.

From Porto Jofre, all of the jaguar observation programs leave by boat along the river, with the intention of exploring the areas around the park, each following the same path. The difference in the programs is only in the structure and maintenance of the boats used and in the facilities offered by the various Lodges.

Brazil Nuts offers the Lodges with the best location for receiving guests interested in Pantanal Tours including jaguar observation activities:

1.    Puma Lodge > Located 210 km from Cuiabá. It has 20 air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms. They normally use boats with 15 and 25 hp engines. It’s around 35 km from Cuiabá River. It is distant from the observation area, you will have to drive almost 1 hour to reach the river.

2.    Jaguar Lodge > Same location as Puma. They have only 12 rooms with private bathrooms, mosquito nets and fans (some have air-conditioning). The boats used on the tours also have 15 and 25hp engines. It is distant from the observation area, you will have to drive almost 1 hour to reach the river as well.

3.    Porto Jofre Hotel > Located right in Porto Jofre, has 26 rooms, good service and at least 4 big boats for 6, 10 and 20 passengers with a 115hp engine. Our best option at this moment.

“Regardless where you stay the idea is to stay as long as possible cruising along the river in search of signs that indicates the presence of jaguars.
Be patient, wait and enjoy!

This means you go out early morning and you can bring a picnic lunch or return to the Lodge for lunch, restarting later in the afternoon to search along the river bank until 6.00pm.

Therefore we recommend a minimum of 3 nights, although many guest had luck on their first outing, but … For professional’s photographer they mostly go for a 6 nights stay in order to have better chances for a top picture.”

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The Young & The Beautiful: Buzios

By Brazil Nuts Tours Director ADAM CARTER 

As “Insight Guides Brazil” wrote:
“What is amazing about Buzios…. is that it is one of only a handful of super-hyped destinations that does not delude or disappoint. It is not just as good as the posters, it is even better…. Buzios is the type of beach town that most travelers suspect exists only in their dreams.”

What’s The Buzz?
Just 105 miles from Rio De Janeiro, a pleasant 2-hour trip takes you to the Peninsula of Búzios, whose more than 20 magnificent beaches and crystal-clear water contrast with the exuberantly sculptured landscape and exotic vegetation, all bathed in a year-round sunny and dry Mediterranean  climate. The feeling here is decidedly laid back and escapist, and the geography further adds to the feeling of being on an island or remote hideaway.

Originally settled by European pirates and slave traders, this happy mixture of many bloods prospered and became a picturesque fishing village, elected one of the 10 most beautiful areas in the world. It soon became famous for it’s unique combination of rustic charm, architectural harmony, incredible beauty, and sophisticated boutiques and restaurants and is now frequented by visitors from all over the world.

Buzios By Day

During the daylight hours, Buzios is all about the sybaritic delights of the beach. There are over 20 to choose from and the idea is to visit a different one each day, sampling the different view and crowd each one offers. Find a spot under a palm tree and kick back with a cold beer, caipirinha or grilled shrimp. Check out the beautiful people as they play and primp on the beach. Feeling active? There’s plenty to do, including daily schooner excursions, wind surfing, dune buggy rentals, great snorkeling and scuba diving. Our Rio office can arrange it all for you. 

Buzios By Night
When the sun goes down, the scene shifts to the charming village, especially the evocative Rua das Pedras. The young and beautiful start to come out after 10PM and the town comes alive as people stroll the street, browsing in the very chic boutiques, dining at cutting edge Japanese, French, Italian and Thai restaurants (among others) and listening to the bossa nova and jazz sounds wafting from the cafes and clubs. Then the dance clubs start to fill and the beat goes on till dawn as Brazilians and visitors alike sway to the tropical and club rhythms.

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Alluring & Laid-back Hideaway

By Brazil Nuts Tours Director ADAM CARTER

What’s The Buzz? 

Praia do Forte is a small fishing village 50 miles north of Salvador along the coast road called Coconut Highway so called because of the many coconut groves along the route. Praia do Forte is a small fishing village 50 miles north of Salvador along the coast road called Coconut Highway so called because of the many coconut groves along the route.

The village takes its name from the castle built in 1556 by a Portuguese settler called Gárcia D’Ávila . The fortified castle was to be the headquarters of his massive farm, the first farm in Brazil. He brought the first heads of cattle to Brazil and introduced the “slash and burn ” technique of deforestation as he cleared the virgin forest for pasture land. In a less destructive manner, he was also responsible for the introduction of the coconut and mango trees to the region.

Praia do Forte is now a tranquil resort with a strong emphasis on the preservation of flora and fauna. The resort has ample quality accommodation, numerous restaurants and offers some of the best beaches in Bahia.

Inland from the coast there is a restinga forest, a forest that grows on sandy soil with a very delicate ecosystem. Near the village there is a small pantanal, a marshy area that is host to some of the most abundant bird life in Bahia. Early morning and late afternoon the pantanal resounds to the calls of snail kites, kingfishers, cormorants and chattering parakeets.

The Tamar Project was set up in 1980 to preserve the sea turtles, which traditionally lay their eggs on the beaches and were in threat of extinction. One of the most successful preservation projects in Brazil, Praia do Forte is now the headquarters of the extensive national turtle preservation project which receives funding from the World Wildlife Fund  

Praia do Forte Resort                          *****                                               

Resort, outside the village                             
Our recommended spot for a real tropical beach experience. Designed in a Polynesian style of low, thatched-roof buildings set on an excellent palm-fringed beach, this resort offers many water sports and leisure activities with a very laid back Bahian flavor. Enjoy great food, wonderful music and delightful poolside atmosphere. Rain forest treks and strolls through the adjacent fishing village complete the scene. This ecologically-oriented spot won “Best Brazilian Resort” two years running

Pousada, inside the village

Less expensive and more laid back, this considerably simpler — yet very charming — pousada is located in the middle of the fishing village of Praia do Forte, close to the beach and to the fascinating Projeto Tamar. It offers rustic style accommodations, some with living space, balcony and bedroom. A funky alternative where you can walk right down to the beach and mingle with the local people on the shore or visit an open air cafe for a fresh shrimp stew and cold beer.

Pousada Sobrado da Vila                                                 ***

Pousada, inside the village

Less expensive and more laid back, this considerably simpler — yet very charming — pousada is located in the middle of the fishing village of Praia do Forte, close to the beach and to the fascinating Projeto Tamar. It offers rustic style accommodations, some with living space, balcony and bedroom. A funky alternative where you can walk right down to the beach and mingle with the local people on the shore or visit an open air cafe for a fresh shrimp stew and cold beer.

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